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more information on Frigorex East Africa Ltd

Frigorex is a subsidiary of Frigoglass (Greece) Frigoglass is the leading player in the global Ice-Cold Merchandisers (Beverage Coolers) market and is the largest glass bottle producer in West Africa, meeting the needs of beverage companies.

Today Frigoglass is the largest and most geographically diverse company in the Ice-Cold Merchandising (ICM) market. Production hubs are located in Romania, Russia, Greece, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, and most recently in the USA. Stand‑alone sales offices operate in Poland, Norway, Ireland, Kenya, the Philippines, Germany, France, Malaysia and Australia, complemented by an extensive network of sales representatives and distributors.

The customer base includes Coca‑Cola Company bottlers (Coca‑Cola Hellenic, the Bottling Investments Group, Coca‑Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola Amatil, Coca‑Cola Sabco and many others), major brewers (AB InBev, SABMiller, Carlsberg, Heineken, Diageo, Efes and others), Pepsi bottlers, dairy companies (Nestlé, Danone).

Frigoglass aims to provide superior, bespoke solutions in beverage refrigeration which are proven to drive cold drink sales, whilst at the same time promoting sustainable development in its operations in order to minimize the impact on the environment. In this context, Frigoglass is leading the industry in research and development, and has recently launched Ecocool, the world’s first complete range of environmentally friendlier ICMs that consume substantially less energy and use natural substances as refrigerants.

Frigoglass’s Glass Operations, located in Nigeria, represents one of Africa’s largest glass bottle producers, with a capacity that encompasses two plants and three furnaces. Glass Operations provides soft drink and beer companies with a complete packaging solution.

Address and Phone of Frigorex East Africa Ltd Nairobi


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