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20/Oct 2014
Special Computer Repairing Services

We are providing special computer repairing services to sort out the problems and get continuous performance in the device. The service is provided by our certified technicians for complete resolution of the problems. More info : Contact no. +64…

15/Sep 2013
Bulk Drinking Water Supply Services

AquaGold Water Supply Ltd has been delivering both household & commercial bulk drinking water since 2003. We are very proud to be Ministry of Health approved from day one. All water scources are also M.O.H approved to ensure all customers…

08/Mar 2013
Adjustable Aluminium Pedestrian Gates

VALU Systems Gates & Fences - your cost effective option when time is short - order today - dispatch tomorrow. Adjustable Gates are new to the Valu Systems range and proving very versatile! These Gates are avaliable in 3 heights…

08/Mar 2013
New Tongue & Groove Aluminium Gates

New to Urban Gates & Fences range are Aluminium Tongue and Groove Slat Gates for those wanting privacy, yet a lightweight gate. The Aluminium Slats are 85mm wide and can be horizontally or vertically mounted inside the gate frame. Aluminium…

16/Feb 2013
Gate and Garage Door Remotes

We now can offer Auckland Customers New Remotes We can reprogrammed Remotes Cloned Remotes Make remotes to motors if you have lost your remote For both Gate and Garage Doors.

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