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Interloop Limited warmly welcomes you to our site. The rise of this Company epitomizes a true success story: Interloop started out in 1992 with just 10 knitting machines, now has 2300 machines and a workforce of more than 9500. Interloop Limited has transformed itself into SOUTH ASIA'S largest Socks Manufacturer and Exporter offering the highest quality socks at a level of service unknown in our industry. It is located in Pakistan's Industrial hub Faisalabad; also known as the "Manchester of Pakistan". Interloop is an integral part of this business community, continuously striving to revolutionize business practices in this region.
Interloop is a complete vertical unit offering a wide range of price points and needle counts; and is on the cutting edge in terms of the latest technology for each production process. We believe our success is due to a highly focused concentration on quality and speedy turnaround; a combination which increases our customers' edge in a highly competitive marketplace. In pursuance of our goal to achieve and maintain good quality, Interloop has now set up a High-Tech Spinning Unit that will ensure finest quality yarn made from the best available natural cotton. This project has enhanced the value of money for our customers by offering even more competitive rates to our clients.
Hard work and utmost commitment from its employees and management, strict Quality Control Measures, timely Shipments and reliable Service Standards have been paramount towards Interloop's phenomenal growth. It is one of the very few firms in Pakistan with an impressive Social Responsibility Portfolio, realizing that a commitment to sustainability in all areas of commercial activity endorse the long term interests of a business.

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