Centro Mariano Building, Room 205, Osmena Street Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental , Philippines, Philippines get directions

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Act as the primary enforcement arm of the Department of Justice and the President of the Philippines in ensuring that all foreigners within its territorial jurisdiction comply with existing laws.

Address and Phone of Bureau Of Immigration - Cagayan De Oro City Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
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I applied for my aci card last year. after months of waiting , many months, it was determined that my application had been lost somewhere in or between CDO and Manila processing offices. I was told to revisit CDO Immigration and that office will resubmit to Manila from its file copy. I went. They did it. Now, months later, I am told I have to revisit the CDO office and make fresh application and I am to pay again the processing fee of 2000 plus. I find this incredible. Yes its a significant amount of money to pay twice. But more importantly why should I be required to repay when it is obvious that the Immigration are at fault. I reside in Gingoog City , a 3 hour drive from CDO and such a long journey is quite painful due to my spinal osteoarthritis. So its no joke to be told i need "this or that" when I get to CDO office. Sending text messages to seek requirement advice are never answered and the number is correct. I called it today and was told I could not be understood!. I am British and speak English without dialect!! So I sent another text message to the same number and asked for requirement advice. Still no reply one hour later. Help!


Hello ,May itatanong lang po pwedi po bang maging membro o maging tagpamahala nang association ang isang foreigner na hindi legal na residente dito?May isa pong akung nakilala pangalan niya po ay si Colin Wain isang british National nakatira po sa Forest View homes sa cagayan de oro.Isa po siyang presidente sa kanilang association.( Home owners association) pero hindi po talaga siya legal na residente sa kanilang lugar kasi isa po siyang alien ba ang tawag niyan..may kinakasama nga po siya pero hindi naman po sila kasal kasi sila po ay nasa same sex relationship..ang problema po nila napili po siyang isang presidente sa pag aakala na isa na po siyang legal na residence dito kasi sinabi po niya na legla na po pero hindi pala..ngayon nag ka problema po nang ibang residence para ina abused po niya ang pagiging presidente may sarili po siyang mga law na ginagawa at parang nawalan na po nang rights yung ibang mga residence..Please invistigate po kasi dami na pong nag rereklamo sa pamamaraan niya.maraming salamat po.


This is the New address from 1 July 2012.
Bureau of Immigration
Ground Floor
YMCA Building
Julio Pacana Street

Phone No still being checked


Good morning
Can my Philippine friend apply for a tourist visa to Australia at your office Cagayan Deo Oro?

Thanks in advance
Peter Nangle


Hi peter Your friend have to go to Australian Embassy in Manila or maybe in Cebu to apply a tourist visa are maybe she/he can used an agency to help her..there is a lot of agency who do a visa for Australia..

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