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Vocational and training school

Address and Phone of Phil-Nippon Training Center Calamba City, Laguna
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do you hired a machinist of an auto parts ???


PNTC is an opportunity indeed, they train students very well while still in the Philippines....yet it can't monitor all trainees once in offensement...but some of your trainees violate rules which were i suppose vividly discuss and explained to them before they jump off to Japan... violated rules such as buy and sell...more worst using their (Ligaya Banawe) own apartment as market site... men and women come and go to shop with high prices..are they allowed to take in opposite sex to their rooms??? most customers are those neophyte (since they still don't know where to shop affordable and quality products, so they buy)...isn't that a form of taking advantaging to co- trainees? and violation to your rule?....just a comment...hoping for your appropriate action..


a certain Aya Gil (fb account name) which i later came to know her real name as Ligaya Banawe, one of your trainees in Ibaraki,Japan buy and sells clothing materials to neophyte trainees in her apartment.
isn't that a violation to the rule PNTC? hoping for your appropriate action..... kawawa nman poh kc ung mga baguhan sa Japan..dahil lng sa d pa cla sanay sa Japan, that's taking advantage to her co-Trainees/Co-Filipino...


my attention was caught in one of the pictures they tagged to my friends fb account advertising one apartment of a PNTC Trainee who uses her quarter as market site. I thought sideline business in Japan while undergoing training is prohibited. Someone who buy n sell clothes to her co- Filipinos using her apartment as the market site during day off. This merely shows that the Training School can't monitor their trainees in Japan.


I would like to know if you have a training center in Laguna like the one in Padada, Davao del Sur? Thanks


good am anu po requirement sa school nyo na training center my welding poh ba kau? saka magkano poh enrollment
salamat poh



bakit po di macontact ang tel. n o. nyo? gusto ko sanang mag enrol sa forklift operator training... mag lano po ba ang fee,s? ang no. ko ay 09077201346





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