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The LTO envisions a well-developed transportation system that will play a vital role in improving the quality of life of the Filipino people, particularly in providing a more viable means of land transport and a secured travel for transport users and commuters.

Address and Phone of Land Transportation Office - Cebu City District Office Cebu City, Cebu 6000
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Opinions of Land Transportation Office - Cebu City District Office

Kate 18/May/2013

magkano ang payments ng hitching violation?

Davy Jean 25/Apr/2013

(cont.) I decided to record the plate no. of the bus (GXL 920) and give complaints to this matter. Sitting capacity is important, right? But why is that, there are those stubborn drivers and conductors who still insist on calling for passengers? My mother and I stood for about half an hour and i just can't let this matter go.

I want the LTO to PLEASE quickly resolve this kind of problem. I don't want this to happen to other passengers so I'm really counting on you. Thank you and May God Bless you.

Davy Jean 05/May/2013

(GXL 902)

Davy Jean 25/Apr/2013

Good Day!

Just this week, I went to Cebu for my enrollment, the last day (April 22,2013), we encountered a tenacious conductor. He tried to call us for a ride, we then rode on the bus, we thought there are available seats for the three of us, but then there's none. We tried to confront the conductor but the driver insisted on going. It's difficult for us to complain since it will cause inconvenience to other passengers so we just let it go. But then, after a while.. they still kept on calling for passengers and it was so crowded, my mother is about to fall down of suffocation and we're still standing the past several minutes until we arrived at our destination (from E-mall to Tina-an, Naga City).

Angel Grace 10/Apr/2013

Good day! I really just want to know if how much really is the fare from SM to Deccahome Bangkal, Lapu-lapu because some drivers asked the passengers additional P5 after collecting the P30 from SM. They have different reason but there is no such evidence for there doing. Is this an overcharging? Please reply. Thank you!

Angel 09127445686

An iGlobal user 21/Feb/2013

good day! How much is the total renewal fee of temporary motorcycle plate?

An iGlobal user 30/Jan/2013

Plate number GWG832 Mandaue-Ayala route 20B
COMPLAINT: "conductor" said the minimum fare is Php10.00 already. All passengers were complaining because he is not giving any change to all of. I am the only one who had a courage to ask where my change was. That was the time he said it's already the minimum fare and it already started long time ago.
TARIFF: dated 2011

That made me realize that it is time to report this incident.

An iGlobal user 12/Dec/2012

Hello, can i ask your favor and assistance to file the cancellation of encumbered to CR No. 5135801-6 Plate No. YDY564 MV File No. 0716-00000443880. Please email the requirements to start the process. Thank you.

An iGlobal user 12/Sep/2012

Hello... Just an inquiry, does the LTO have the right to confiscate vehicles driven by erring drivers? Like when the driver was caught driving without a license?

An iGlobal user 06/Sep/2012

i would like to compliment the staff and their system in the LTO main office Cebu city. very fast and efficient service compare to other LTO branches in cebu. keep it up and thank you for the fast service. : )

An iGlobal user 17/Aug/2012

Motorcycle XRM was lost earlt at 3:00 am August 17,2012 in front of Asturias Municipal Hall...Registered name: Joan Robles...if ever you found out that motorcycle having shown a registered name is us....please help us....just contact 09323314685

An iGlobal user 05/Jul/2012

good day sir/mam ide like to know how can i get a driving licensed and what is the necessary requirements to become a licensed driver? thanks

An iGlobal user 29/Feb/2012

why so tremendously late system to register a car?
other countries are completed amount of 2-3 hours to register a car. Norway is maybe the fastest time just 1 hour.
Philippines is in excess of 60 days before a car has plates on the car. Why ?

An iGlobal user 16/Jan/2012

This is not about my experience with LTO Office. This is regarding with my phone that I lost/left on the taxi yesterday Jan.15, 2012. I have its Plate No. GXD.731 (VNM 2728). From Mactan Airport to Crown Regency Hotel (Guadalupe). We arrived at the hotel at 3.20PM.
So how can I claim my cellphone?.

Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

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