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Address and Phone of Kayonza Distributors KAMPALA
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17/Feb 2014
Volunteer in Uganda| Volunteer Projects Abroad in Africa

Tired of expensive volunteer programs abroad? Are you looking to do something more meaningful on your travels in Africa? - Well Beacon of Hope Uganda is the right answer! Beacon of Hope Uganda has a number of unique and challenging…

25/Nov 2013
Easy Ride Car Hire Services:

Easy Ride and its partners have over 200 wide ranges of vehicles for their clients to choose from. We have been in this business for over 10 years and with the experience gained, our clients are described as our kings…

25/Nov 2013
RE: Easy Ride Printing and Design:

Easy Ride Printing and Design: Easy Ride engages in Designing and Printing operations with conceptual experts and professionals whose main focus is to provide quality services to our clients and partners at competitive prices. Our services include; Promotional Materials Magazine…

25/Nov 2013

Easy Ride Auto Glass: Easy Ride deals in all kind of auto glass imported from China, Japan, Dubai, and Finland. We are one of the importers of high quality windscreens in Uganda and what makes us a choice for many…

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