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NoCo Sod

NoCo Sod Farm provides fresh cut sod installation, pick up, and delivery services to the Gill, CO area.

Integrity Engineering, Inc.

Welcome to Integrity Engineering, Inc. Locally owned and operated since 1996, Integrity Engineering, Inc. is a dynamic consulting firm providing a full range of professional services for planning, analysis, and design for public and private entities. With Integrity Engineering, Inc., our goal is focused on client satisfaction and the pursuit…

Butterman Tool

Butterman Tool has been in business since 1989 and has been serving the local area of Rio Rancho, New Mexico ever since! We specialize in precision CNC machining and turning, wire electrical discharge machining, prototype and production, tooling design, manufacturing development, and so much more! With more than 40 years…
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404, Robot Center, 333, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu | Gwangju | 61008


The industry demands the importance of precision-adhesion UV hardening technology for high-end display devices and components to be applied to smartphones.
Since its establishment as a company that manufactures UV LED-related applications in 1999, CLF HITECH has secured technologies for UV hardening as well as manufacturing source technologies for UV-sterile and LED-application products and for the first time in Korea, 365 NM, 8,000 MW/cm^3-class UV LED hardening and TRIPLE wavelength UV LED hardening systems were developed to provide systems that correspond to thermal problems of the industry and their respective hardening resin.
In addition, we provided our customers with our Hardness PROFILE DATA by application of photorecision resin, providing them with TOTAL SOLUTION for optimized full hardening, and maximized customer quality improvement and productivity.

CLF HITEC has launched its new IOT related product for BTOB and BTOC customers, not only through UV hardening but also through steady R&D investment.
We will always be a company that develops and challenges.

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