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Junk Bull

Since our founding in 2018, The Junk Bull has been an eco-friendly junk removal company committed to the environment and the communities we serve. The amount of household and commercial waste that ends up in landfills on a daily basis is astronomical. We believe that a lot of this is…

Hot Sam's Antiques

Open on Thursdays by appointment only. Families and photographers welcome. Looking forward to a great summer season!

&pizza - Pasadena

We're pizza's future. We're a mission-driven, culture-carrying community. We're that better flavor, quality ingredients, kinda pie. We're not 'Big Pizza,' and proud to be so. Because we're doing more – a more livable wage, a more socially conscious vision, and more real actions. And we're being more; so, expect more.
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B03, office of Industry-School Cooperation, DongKa | Gwangju | Jeollanam-do, 61200


It is a Living, Environment, Improvement,Innovation Company that manufactures, sells and distributes TALTALMAT.
We are producing and distributing book sterilizer, outdoor ecological mats for improvement of living environment.
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