Foodwell Corporation

1093, Bangchon-dong, Dong-gu Daegu
frozen fruit - and vegetables - preserves
FOODWELL Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company engaged in the food processing business. The Company...

Kook Soon Dang Co Ltd

81-3, Hyeoncheon-ri, Dunnae-myeon Hoengseong
wines - wineries - distilled and blended liquors
KOOK SOON DANG.CO.,LTD. is a Korea-based company engaged in the provision of wines. The Company's...

Seowondang Food Co.

Sillim-myeon, Sillimhwangdun-ro, 174 Wonju Gangwon-do
Organic Food oil - Sesame oil - Perilla oil
Good condiment is similar to restorative. Products from Seowondang are from nature that stimulate...

Bohae Co Ltd

15, Daean-dong Mokpo
wines - wineries - other noncitrus fruit farming
BOHAE Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of liquors. The...

Dong-a Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Dong-a Pharmaceutical Co. 252 Dongdaemun-gu Seoul
glass container manufacturing - corporate - pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing
Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company. It was a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Its...

Korea Green Paper Mfg. Co Ltd

151-3, Cheon-ri, Idong-myeon, Cheoin-gu Yongin
paper mills - newsprint mills - paper & paper products
Korea Green Paper Mfg Co Ltd. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture of...

Msc Co Ltd

439-13, Soju-dong Yangsan
frozen fruit - and vegetables - spice and extract manufacturing
MSC Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company principally engaged in the production and sale of food...

Nongshim Co Ltd

Nongshim Co. 370-1 Dongjak-gu Seoul
all other miscellaneous food manufacturing - potato chips - and similar snacks
Nongshim Co., Ltd. operates as a Korean food manufacturer specializing in instant noodles and...

Osangjaiel Co Ltd

604-15, Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu Incheon
planting - postharvest crop activities (except cotton ginning) - soil preparation
OSANGJAIEL Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the provision of product lifecycle...

Samryoong Co Ltd

383, Yeongtae-ri, Wollong-myeon Paju
nonfolding sanitary food container manufacturing - not elsewhere classified - except folding
SAMRYOONG Co.,Ltd is a Korea-based company engaged in the manufacture of carton packs. The Company...

Castagne Cappetta S.r.l

Loc -cali Banghak-dong Dobong-gu Seoul
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Ajin General Foods Co. Ltd

537 Pugi-ri Chinryang-up Gyeongbuk
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Mi Mi Suk Pum

1-20 Songnam-dong Tong-ku Daejeon
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Wonil Food Co. Ltd

178-160 Kajwa-dong So-ku Incheon
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Ok Foods Co

92-1 Yongi-ri Nam-myon Yongi-kun Chungnam
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Bong Hwang Ind. Co. Ltd

311-6 Hupyong-dong Chunchon-shi Gangwon
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Korea Microbial Technology Inc

25 Shinil-dong Taedok-ku Daejeon
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Halla Agriculture And Fisheries Co. Ltd

1385 Kwakch-ri Aewol-up Pukcheju-kun Jeju
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Jung An Nongsan Co. Ltd

1579-6 Socho-dong Socho-ku Seoul
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing

Sam Mi Foods Ind. Co. Ltd

317-18 Yongdo-ri Kisan-myon Gyeongbuk
fruit - vegetables - kimchi-processing