Heung-a Shipping Co Ltd

Heung-a Shipping Bldg. 57 Songpa-gu Seoul
lessors of nonresidential buildings (except miniwarehouses) - marine cargo handling - operators of nonresidential buildings
HEUNG-A SHIPPING CO.,LTD is a Korea-based company engaged in the marine transportation business....

Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd

Hanjin Marine Bldg. 25-11 Yeongde Seoul
water transportation of freight - freight transportation arrangement - arrangement of transportation of freight and cargo
HANJIN SHIPPING CO., LTD. is a Korea-based company engaged in the provision of marine...

Oriental Precision & Engineering Co Ltd

1614-1, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu Busan
construction services - fabricated structural metal manufacturing - fabricated structural metal
ORIENTAL PRECISION & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is a Korea-based company engaged in the manufacture and...

Stx Pan Ocean Co Ltd

Stx Namsan Tower 631 Jung-gu Seoul
water transportation - deep sea foreign transportation of freight - deep sea freight transportation
STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company engaged in the provision of marine transportation...

Badaro No. 3 Ship Investment Company

Jeju Small Business Center Ido 2-dong Jeju City
unit investment trusts - face-amount certificate offices - other financial vehicles
Badaro No.3 Ship Investment Company (The Fund) is Korea-based investment fund engaged in the ship...

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd

Hyundai Group Bldg. 1-7 Jongno-gu Seoul
marine cargo handling - water transportation - port and harbor operations
HYUNDAI MERCHANT MARINE COMPANY LIMITED is a Korea-based company specialized in the provision of...

Total Soft Bank Ltd

20f, Hanjin Shipping Building Jungang-dong 4-ga Busan
software & programming - software publishers - prepackaged software
TOTAL SOFT BANK LTD is a Korea-based company engaged in the provision of software used in maritime...

Koreana Shipping Co. Ltd

1196-1 Choryang3-dong Tong-ku Busan
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Tai Young Shipping Co. Ltd

45 4ganamdaemun-ro Chung-ku Seoul
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Dong Jin Shipping Co. Ltd

1211-1 Choryang1-dong Tong-ku Busan
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Chang Il Shipping

14-2 2gataegyo-ro Yondo-ku Busan
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Hyo Dong Shipping Co. Ltd

78-10 4gachungang-dong Chung-ku Busan
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Sam Won Shipping Ind

33 1gataegyo-ro Yondo-ku Busan
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Kwangyang Shipping Co. Ltd

191-28 Kwanhun-dong Chongno-ku Seoul
aircraft - vehicles - vessels

Ilshin Shipping Co. Ltd

37-16 Toksu-dong Puk-ku Pohang-shi Gyeongbuk

Nama Air Cargo Shipping Co. Ltd

184-4 2gachungjong-ro Sodaemun-ku Seoul

Jin Young Shipping Air Cargo Co

91-1 Sogong-dong Chung-ku Seoul

Korinf Shipping Co. Ltd

60-173 Konghang-dong Kangso-ku Seoul

Jason Shipping Corp

1211-1 Choryang1-dong Tong-ku Busan

Philip Shipping Co. Ltd

81-15 4gachungang-dong Chung-ku Busan
brokerage agencies