Latest comments on Effortless Beauty

Latest comments on Effortless Beauty
5417 B Walnut Street | Pittsburgh, PA, 15232
5 /5
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    Very happy with the service provided by Alisa! She was professional and very experienced in selecting the best colors to make my mom shine for the evening! Thanks so much! Will definitely recommend to my friends!
    Lennox Bryant - 09/Mar/2021
    The place was lovely, the staff was amazingly nice, my stylist especially! I was visiting out of state and needed a touch-up, they got me on the same day and the service and people were very nice. If you need a hair salon that cares about your hair, this is the place for you. It was an excellent service! Highly recommended to everyone!
    Phyllis Steele - 16/Feb/2021
    A terrific beauty shop service ever! I am deeply impressed by how they handled their many customers correctly with no hassles at all. Great service and pricing! The quality of service they provided was brilliant. I heartily recommend and refer your services to everyone without any hesitation. Outstanding results indeed!
    April Greer - 16/Feb/2021
    I would highly recommend you're wonderful Beauty shop to all of my friends and family here in our area! I was very satisfied with the service that the staff provided when I need a facial. The place was also very clean and organized. A great job to all of you! I must strongly recommend your services to everyone!
    Joanne Simon - 16/Feb/2021
    I am a very happy customer. Great selection of products at fantastic prices with quick delivery. Anytime there is a question, the staff promptly responds. Just giving the peace of mind with any order related or any questions or shipping updates. Amazing! I will order more in the future. Thank you so much guys for your service!
    Mikee Madaline - 11/Feb/2021
    My first experience at the beauty store was an excellent service! Great service, fast delivery, and great savings. Well done the Beauty Shop, I am delighted with the perfume that I received. A high recommendation for your most outstanding service, guys! Thank you very much for your kindness Las Monday!
    Carrion Daine - 11/Feb/2021
    I’ve been going to this Beauty shop for almost a year and the beautician, Ellen always threads my eyebrows. She was fantastic and I would never thread anywhere else. She was an expert and very professional. Now, I came up with a decision that I will be recommending your Beauty shop to all of my friends and family!
    Tanjin Tisha - 11/Feb/2021
    I've been here many times with this beauty salon. If you asked why I kept on visiting them, then the answer was just they had a very nice treatment to the customers, very good quality, and could be trusted. Also, I greatly love the view of the place. It was clean, tidy, and comfortable to stay with. You have great beauty products also, and that makes me love your salon the most. Highly Recommended!
    Elias Chase - 10/Feb/2021
    It was my first visit to this beauty store. I am impressed with their wonderful interior and their very strong range of songs. This makes me more secure. I washed my nails, and they fixed my dry hair, too. I am quite happy with the assistance provided by them. A pretty healthy workforce was also a big help. Exemplary trips to a beauty salon. "5" stars! Stars!
    Cherles Newson - 08/Feb/2021

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