Ghataty October - غطاطي أكتوبر

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Vivint Smart Home

With so much to see and do in Arlington, TX all year round, it isn’t unusual for many homes in the city to be unoccupied for large periods of time, and ensuring property is safe is a key priority for Texans. Managing your security remotely isn’t always easy to do…

Royals 24 Hour AC Repair Golden

Royals 24 Hour AC Repair Golden proudly serves the Centennial CO and Colorado Front Range areas with top-quality residential and light commercial AC and heating repairs. Our services range from the installation and maintenance of many HVAC systems including furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, humidifiers, and more. Royal’s Heating &…

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Individualized Dental Care. Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your oral health. Whether you need preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, or oral surgery, you will love your teeth. The Latest Treatments. We provide quality and personalized oral health…

Estación de Servicio de Hernán Buchhols SA

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Mobile Mechanic Pros Rancho Cucamonga

Mobile Mechanic Pros Rancho Cucamonga, California offers many auto repair services in your area. Our mobile mechanics are available for onsite vehicle repair, which means that you can enjoy your automobile becoming fixed from the comfort of your office or home. Reach out to us in case you need any…

Estación de Servicio de Hernán Buchhols SA

poner en cada suc el logo de shell el apellido es buchholz y contactarlo a fabian ( es el dueño) al celular 0373515630042

Sneaker Heads Boutique LLC

A “Sneaker Head” is a person who collects, trades and/or admires sneakers as a hobby. Here at Sneaker Heads Boutique, we have taken that hobby to another level. Not only do we provide the latest and hottest sneaker fashion on the East Coast, but we also provide sneaker customizations and…

Rent Crates

EZBoxes rents green, plastic moving boxes to people moving around the Greater Toronto Area. You’ll save money, time, and protect your stuff and the planet. EZBoxes are designed to stack well – they won’t slip off, and cause an avalanche the way cheap cardboard boxes tend to. EZBoxes are made…

Patient Solutions

Patient Solutions, LLC is a leading supplier of high-quality durable medical equipment in the U.S; providing clients with CPAP machines and supplies, hospital beds, knee scooters, walkers, nebulizers, breast pumps, enteral formula, and more. Since the inception in 2014, we have been providing exceptional services and top of the line…

GetMovers Toronto

Whether it's overseas or cross-border, our free service helps you find the right moving company for your shipment. GetMovers Toronto helped over 100.000 people find the best mover to ship their personal belongings for an adventure abroad.

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Target Roofing and Repair

Target Roofing and Repair is a Roofing Company in Columbus, OH. Speak with an expert Roofer today about: Roof, Metal roof, Roof shingle, Asphalt shingle, Flat roof, Wood shingle, Roof tiles, Asphalt roll roofing.

Ultima Home Improvements

Our goal at Ultima Home Improvement is to provide quality work all at a fair cost. My crew members are well trained and know what they're doing. We guarantee our work and we do anything our clients need us to accomplish! Our priorities are loyalty, trust, and honesty. I've been…

Jack Mason

Jack Mason is a Dallas-based independent watch brand. Creating quality product packed with detailed design--all at an accessible price.


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Welcome to Papa’s! Our restaurant is home to Indiana’s best pizza and one of the places that has helped make Culver famous. At Papa’s we are more than a pizza place; We are a family owned and operated restaurant that is also known for our hand cut steaks, thick chops,…

Topper s Camping Center

Our business has been in continuous operation as a new line RV dealership under the same company name and family ownership since 1967. We're known as the oldest and one of the largest of the Houston/Harris County metropolitan area dealerships providing RV service, accessories & repair parts, new & used…

Reassure Accounting

Maria has worked in Management Accounting, performing CFO services, and implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for importers, exporters, manufacturers, and wholesalers, for the last 18 years. Empowering business owners to have the business they dream, using correct data and business process improvement to achieve more significant results.

Votre Inspection

Votre inspection est votre solution lors de votre inspection. Êtes-vous bientôt dans une situation de vente, d’achat ou avez besoin de savoir l’état actuelle de votre propriété? Nous sommes là pour vous accompagner. Nous vous offrons nos solutions d’inspections pour tous vos besoins d’inspection. Évitez les soucis en nous contactant…
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Ghataty October - غطاطي أكتوبر
3 المحور المركزي - ميدان الحصري بجوار البنك العربي | السادس من اكتوبر, السادس من اكتوبر

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في فرع غطاطي أكتوبر بنوفر لعملائنا مجموعه من أكبر العلامات التجارية الموثوق بها عالمياً زي ميشلان وهانكوك وبيريلي وفارتا للبطاريات وأكثر، بطرازات واحجام مختلفة تناسب جميع انواع السيارات، وده لأن هدفنا تقديم افضل منتج وخدمة بأفضل سعر.
كمان هتقدر تدفع بأنظمة مختلفة كاش او فيزا في جميع فروع غطاطي وبنوفر لك برامج تقسيط مختلفة وخدمة الدفع مع امان وفاليو وكارت بريميم واكتر.
كما تعتبر خدمة ما بعد البيع هي الافضل في مصر لاننا نمتلك خبرة أكثر من 45 عاماً في مجال الإطارات والبطاريات وفريق فني قادر على مساعدة كل عملائنا للحصول على ما يريدونه.

غطاطي توفر الآن ايضاً خدمة تصليح وتركيب الإطارات لحد باب البيت في القاهرة والجيزة والاسكندرية. بنوصل لعملائنا اينما كانوا لتصليح وتركيب الإطارات والبطاريات عند بيتك من خلال خدمة غطاطي اكسبريس.

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Ghataty October - غطاطي أكتوبر

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