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Five Noteworthy Advantages of Full-automatic Mobile Crushing Station

With the rapid development of urban economy, DSMAC Group launched the new generation FULL-AUTOMATIC MOBILE CRUSHING STATION from the perspective of resource integration and focusing on the center of "combination, simplicity and mobility". Then, in the highly competitive crushing plant field, why should customers choose our new product ? Here are five major advantages of it: 1, Production cost for per ton reduced Compared with the equipments of same production, full-automatic mobile crushing station’s fuel consumption is lower, and service life of wearing part is longer. What’s more, its matched excavator and fork-lift truck have no waste, making integrated production costs per ton reduced by at least five dollars. 2, Fuel consumption reduced by 30% ( inverter + artificial intelligence ) Full-automatic mobile crushing station is equipped with high-power inverter and artificial intelligence system, so that fuel consumption reduced by at least 30%. 3, The service life of wear parts improved 2-3 times The wear parts specially designed for full-automatic mobile crushing station have a complete set of model, and their service life increased 2-3 times. 4, Complete functions (1 station = 6 steps) The complete full-automatic mobile crushing station contains crushing, screening, washing, combined separating, dust suppressing and multi-functions 6 major steps. 5, Fully closed zero release operation Each processing step of full-automatic mobile crushing station uses BME dust suppression and combines with fully closed operation to realize dust suppression from the source. As a mining equipments enterprise, DSMAC Group has more than 20 years of production experience in this field, and offered every customers equipment design, production, selection, installation and other services. This full-automatic mobile crushing station is energy saving and environmental friendly, making high return for customers’ investment and winning high praise from customers at home and abroad! dingshengcrushing@gmail.com www.dscrusher.com.

Single-stage Hammer Crusher with Cheap Promotions Prices

In last week, the SINGLE-STAGE HAMMER CRUSHER order of domestic customer by DSMAC Group is firstly completed in the fourth quarter, and it has been successful installed and tested. According to this year's business transactions, we found that most large and medium enterprises prefer to this series single-stage hammer crusher when choosing the machine for stone processing. Why is the single-stage hammer crusher so popular? Here to give you a detailed description of its basic information and production advantages. Single-stage hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various brittle ores whose compressive strength is less than 150MPa, such as limestone, shale, gypsum, coal, muddy siltstone and limestone and clay mixture. In 2008, DSMAC Group successfully developed and manufactured a much large single-stage hammer crusher 2DPC2325, which sets a new record of this machine in the production, product size, rotor specifications and the number of hammer and so on. Compared with the traditional multi-stage hammer crusher, single-stage hammer crusher needs just one stage crushing, to make the original stone transported from the quarry into the broken ones smaller than 25mm size which can be directly send to the next process. This new design reduces both the customers investment and operating costs. For the whole stone crushing production line, as long as the physical properties of broken ore is suitable, using this type hammer crusher is more economical, because of its low investment, management and operation cost, easy maintenance, and the ability of reducing labor intensity. At present, our company is continuing to research and develop the new technology, hoping to achieve a higher level of single-stage hammer crusher technology once again. Maintaining the technical leadership in the industry, reducing investment for customers, to achieve a win-win corporation is our goal to strive for. We’ll delighted to accept new and old customers’ opinion and advice for improvement! dingshengcrushing@gmail.com www.dscrusher.com.

Small Size Jaw Type Rock Crusher Advantages in Granite Processing

On October 20, a SMALL SIZE JAW TYPE ROCK CRUSHER with 80-ton capacity per hour was completed in Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. production base, and was loaded on the truck to be sent to Tianjin Port, exporting to Russia in the afternoon. The small size jaw type rock crusher would be used for granite production lines. There is some truth to the reason why customer chose small size jaw type rock crusher as part of the production line. Granite has uniform structure, hard texture and beautiful color, is a kind of high-quality building stone with features of high hardness and wear resistance. The crushing way of jaw type rock crusher is curve moving squeezing type, and the machine has advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance and economic operating costs and so on. Even a small size jaw type rock crusher can also complete the stone medium and fine crushing. Due to the unique advantages in crushing granite, basalt and other materials, the small size jaw type rock crusher has been the preferred equipment for crushing granite at home and abroad, commonly used in primary crushing. Small size jaw type rock crusher is first crushing equipment in mine mining and cement raw material processing, so its efficiency directly determines the follow-up production yield. However, in the nowadays market, there is lots of traditional jaw crushers which adopt low technology, not suitable for the current demand from granite production line. In recent years, China's granite crushing equipment production also has a great breakthrough, a number of crushing equipments with good response have emerged in market. For example, the small size jaw type rock crusher launched at the end of 2011 by our company, is improved in the original technology of deep jaw crusher. Compared with the ordinary small size jaw type rock crusher, its processing capacity increased by 20-35%, energy consumption reduced by 15-20%. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com www.dscrusher.com.

What should You Know before Buying Multifunctional Rock Hammer Crusher ?

Considering that many new investors in mining industry have asked us what they should to know before buying a MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROCK HAMMER CRUSHER, today we summary two major concerns for our readers. First of all, the investors of multifunctional rock hammer crusher should know the material of the equipment’s spare part. The hammer is the core part for the machine. However, it is also most liable to be worn, which influences entire working condition and efficiency of the multifunctional rock hammer crusher. So the investors should choose the multifunctional rock hammer crusher with most wear-resistant hammer. The common material for hammer are high manganese steel and high chromium. In addition, DSMAC has creatively use titanium alloy to crusher hammer, for its physical characteristics is more excellent than the traditional material. The service life of this kind of hammer is longer than those made of ordinary material by 50-100%, as well as more safe and reliable. Besides, the investors of multifunctional rock hammer crusher should confirm whether the seller provides hammer’s drawing or sample. This is very important because in daily production, the buyers need to purchase hammer from time to time. If they have no accurate drawing or sample, the hammer supplier cannot accept the customized request. DSMAC promises to offer drawing and sample for free. And we also accept various customized request as long as either of them is provided. There will be discount for large order. Welcome new and old customer to our company and factory. Hope to make friends with you! dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.

What are Performance Characteristics of Jaw Crusher?

The proven PE series jaw crusher is designed to crush efficiently all, even hardest rock and recycle materials. DSMAC jaw crusher is designed for long life service with minimum maintenance for hard, tough, abrasive material and overload high capacity. The jaw crusher produced by Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has following performance characteristics: 1, crushing ratio of jaw crusher is up to 15% around, and the finished product has uniform size; 2, gasket type discharge port’s adjustment device of jaw crusher, has a wide range of adjustment, and reliable operation; 3, jaw crusher has high production efficiency with low energy consumption, compared with the ordinary fine jaw crusher of the same size, its processing capacity increased by 20-35%, while energy consumption reduced by 15-20%; 4, jaw crusher machine’s crushing cavity is deep and has no dead zone, improving the feed capacity and production output; 5, jaw crusher adopts hyperboloidal jaw plate which has low wear and tear. Under the same process conditions, the life of this type jaw plate can be extended more than 3-4 times, which is more obvious for material with high abrasion; 6, jaw crusher’s lubrication system is safe and reliable, and its parts is easy to be replaced, so the maintenance workload is small. Raw materials: Granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, cooper, steel slag Capacity: 10-1300t/h Max feeding size: 1020mm Application: Mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, water conservancy, chemical industry Any interest in our product, please send email to:【dingshengcrushing@gmail.com】or visit our official website: http://www.dscrusher.com/.

Three Reasons for Choosing Multi Combination Mobile Crushing Plant

In recent years, more and more investors home and abroad prefer to MULTI COMBINATION MOBILE CRUSHING PLANT. This type crushing plant have become a trend in market. Why do people start choosing multi combination mobile crushing plant? There are three reasons listed below. 1. Comprehensive machine types and most extensive product coverage Multi combination mobile crushing plant comprises more than 5 series, 70 machine types, fully covering various mining equipment fields of coarse crushing, intermediate fine crushing, fine crushing and screening, and sand washing, independent operation, multi combination possibility, etc.; compared with the other mobile crushing and screening equipments in domestic and foreign markets, multi combination has more advantages. 2. High flexibility and good to environmental protection Compared with fixed production line, multi combination mobile crushing plant has a shorter engineering period and rapider program transition and follow-up, which reduces the investment risk and cost, and avoids the early construction and demolition after the end of project, making it more economical and environmentally protective. In addition, the machine has excellent depreciation hedging capacity. The investor can sell the machine to get money, or rapidly invest in new project, thus earning back the investment cost. 3. Common structure can be freely expanded and upgraded Multi combination mobile crushing plant takes the lead in using the finished automobile concept. Its universal structure can realize the single replacement of main engine without replacing others, so as to meet the crushing demands at different stages. if the user wants to expand the production scale, just need replacing the main engine to upgrade the equipment. What’s more, this design can also solve the road transport problems in remote areas, greatly reducing the earlier road construction cost. Based on these advantages, the multi combination mobile crushing plant is becoming more and more popular with investors. Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. develops the new generation multi combination mobile crushing plant on the basis of years of independent research and manufacturing experience. Welcome new and old friends to visit our factory and place orders. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.

Track Mounted Mobile Crushing and Screening Station

How to effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by construction waste has always been a major concern of governments of all countries. DSMAC Group has developed a new generation of TRACK MOUNTED MOBILE CRUSHING AND SCREENING STATION, comprising crushing and screening functions, effectively collecting dust to protect the air quality and further solve a major problem of environmental pollution improvement. Track mounted mobile crushing and screening station has two major advantages superior to other crushing equipment: First one is strong mobility of track mounted mobile crushing and screening station. The track touches the ground surface with large area and strong adhesion, so that it has the advantage of easily climbing various slope safely and efficiently, to complete the crushing and screening operations at the nearest distance. This feature of the track mounted mobile crushing and screening station effectively avoids the dust generation when transporting construction waste, and relieves the pressure of environmental treatment to a certain extent. Second one is the high degree of integration. Compared with the ordinary crushing and screening equipment, track mounted mobile crushing and screening station is equipped with electric control cabinet, crushing system, screening system, dust suppression system, transportation system and so on, in no need of previous infrastructure building. It comes and goes freely, and can be used with its arrival. Track mounted mobile crushing and screening station has high reusability, so the customer just need an investment to get multiple returns. Track mounted mobile crushing and screening station was designed specially for the treatment of construction waste at the beginning. After being upgraded and upgraded in these years, it can also be used for the crushing and screening of various kinds of stone materials. Track mounted mobile crushing and screening station is the best choice for construction waste dealing and stone processing. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.

Spring Cone Crusher for Ore and Concrete Fragmentation

Adopting the latest technological development, PYT SPRING CONE CRUSHER is suitable for hard and mid-hard rocks and ores like iron ore, copper, limestone, quartz and granite, etc. PYT spring cone crusher are the ultimate solution for the secondary crushing to achieve uniform product size of hard rocks, ores and minerals. PYT Spring Cone Crusher is ideal for 1.Aggregates production and mines; 2.Secondary, tertiary and fine crushing stages; 3.Hard rocks, ores and minerals. From limestone to taconite, from ballast production to manufactured sand, and from small portable plants, PYT spring cone crusher provides unbeatable performance in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications. DSMAC PYT spring cone crusher is the right machine to maximize your profitability. For high productivity, low operating and wear costs, long service life, and high product yield with desired fines, there's no better choice than a PYT series spring cone crusher. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.

Maintenance Methods about Stationary and Mobile Hammer Crusher

Today, DSMAC editor will continue introducing the maintenance methods about STATIONARY AND MOBILE HAMMER CRUSHER. Stationary and mobile hammer crusher impact, grind and smash the limestone with the high-speed rotation of its hammer. Due to being subjected to long-term impact and frication from the material in the work, the rotor component of stationary and mobile hammer crusher inevitably goes into being wear and tear, damaged to lose the normal work ability. If the operators do not analyze the rotor working state of the stationary and mobile hammer crusher, and predict rotor service life in advance, so that it can be maintained and comprehensive repaired as planned, sooner or later, the emergency would happen to cause serious loss of the whole production line. Based on that consideration, the rotor maintenance of stationary and mobile hammer crusher is absolutely necessary. In the daily use of stationary and mobile hammer crusher, the machine should be maintained on time. Often to examine the fastening situation of bolt connection point for every part, and timely tighten up the loose bolts; after the end of each work, clean up the grate bars inside the working cavity, to discharge excess and clogging materials; often check the attrition degree of the stationary and mobile hammer crusher wearing parts. The severely worn parts should be replaced in time to ensure the uniform feeding, not too much or too little, prevent the stationary and mobile hammer crusher from overloading operation; also to ensure the lubricating oil clean, and clean the bearings regularly to ensure its flexibility. These are some maintenance methods of stationary and mobile hammer crusher. If you have any better suggestion or problems, welcome to sharing with us. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.

Introduction of New Generation Coal Gangue Mobile Crushing Station

The new generation COAL GANGUE MOBILE CRUSHING STATION by Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, is a new type mobile crushing machinery main for the coal gangue, different from the traditional fixed coal gangue crusher. This coal gangue mobile crushing station has a strong mobility, also can complete the coal gangue material crushing, screening and other operations by one-time, saving time and effort to bring greater economic benefits for enterprises. First, the coal gangue mobile crushing station’s brief introduction This coal gangue mobile crushing station integrates the crushing function, screening function, conveying function and feeding function, to complete coal gangue’s crushing and screening operations by one time in a variety of industries; meanwhile, because of strong mobility of this coal gangue mobile crushing station, it can be directly driven into the selected site, without being transported, and produce the finished product particle size. So, it is often used for relocation processing or ore materials processing operations with large mobility. Second, type division of the coal gangue mobile crushing station 1, according to the different motion manners, it is divided into crawler-type coal gangue mobile crushing station and tyre-type coal gangue mobile crushing station; 2, according to the equipped crusher type, it is divided into jaw coal gangue mobile crushing station, impact coal gangue mobile crushing station and cone coal gangue mobile crushing station. In addition, different type coal gangue mobile crushing station can be further subdivided to be a variety of models, so the choice of mobile crushing station should be based on customer specific needs, and the local stone material type, production capacity and finished product requirements. Of course, our company can also composes different crushing and screening processing flow based on the customer's different requirements, in order to meet every different production needs. dingshengcrushing@gmail.com http://www.dscrusher.com/.