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Loca Mocha

Loca Mocha is a coffee shop located in Sumas, Washington. We have combined the flavors of the PNW coffee scene with vibrant Mexican American favorites since 2019. Owner, Nicole Sandoval Postma is a Mexican-American entrepreneur who grew up in Los Angeles. We're located on the Sumas/Abbotsford Border, and within walking…

The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic was established in 2012. Since its infancy, the clinic has excelled at blending the best in classic beauty treatments with cutting-edge technology and advanced cosmeceutical grade skincare. Specialising in skin treatments for men, women and teens, our experienced therapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things…

Aspire Marketing Company

Grow your followers on social networking sites to generate word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will increase follower prospects who are relevant for your business and match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

REAL estate city

Real Estate City is an independent family agency, proud of its innovative, professional and progressive reputation. Synonymous with exceptional results, service and marketing in the City Of Hume since 1976, our people are genuine, dedicated and passionate about delivering the best for our clients with good old fashioned service using…

The Hoffmann Vacation Rental Bed And Breakfast

The Hoffmann's Farm is located in Historical Chappell Hill, Texas. We have red and black Angus cattle and round hay bails are made to feed the cattle during the winter season. Beautiful countryside and a view that will take your breath away and at night the stars as far as…

Jordana Zanger-Jaffee, MD

As a HonorHealth medical expert, I am focused on you - on your unique needs, on your valuable input,and making it easy for you to get the personalized care you want.
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3s Korea Co Ltd
112-3, Siheung-dong, Geumcheon-gu | Seoul | Seoul, 153030

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3S KOREA Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture of wafer carriers. The Company operates in two business segments: wafer carrier segment, which manufactures front-opening shipping boxes (FOSBs) used as transfer devices for semiconductor wafers, and freezing air conditioning (AC) segment, which provides calorimeters, including compressor calorimeters, automotive AC calorimeters, psychometric type AC calorimeters, air to air type heat exchanger calorimeters, balanced ambient room type calorimeters, automotive compressor calorimeters and others, and environment test equipment, including artificial environment test equipment, environment test equipment for room AC, housing all-weather type equipment, automotive wind tunnel type equipment and artificial snowfall apparatus, as well as related components.

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