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Reliable Property Management

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Jonah Engler-Scholarship

Jonah Engler has a liking and love for philanthropy and humanitarian initiatives; so he comes to the assistance of poor students in the US, who cannot afford the high education fee in the US colleges and universities.

Pro Marine Boat Sales

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Chris Gorman Homes

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Focus Moving Services Inc.

Focus Moving Services Inc. has been established since 2010 to offer professional moving services at fair and competitive rates. Focus Moving Services Inc is a leader in the moving industry, offering a wide range of services for local moves, province too province, to the US, or anywhere in the world!…
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Crown Confectionery Co. Ltd
131-1, Namyeong-dong, Yongsan-gu | Seoul | Seoul, 140160

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CROWN CONFECTIONERY CO.,LTD is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the production of confectionery products. The Company's products include biscuits, wafers, snacks, pies, chocolates, sweets and gums. Its biscuit brands include Charmgreen, Five grains cookie, KUK HE and others. Its wafer brands include Green Heim, Chco and White Heim, and Crown Wafers. Its snack brands include Corn Pong, Jollypong, Corn Chip and others. Its pie brands include Lonx, O'new and others. Its chocolate brands include Kicker, Minishell and Black Rose. Its sweets brands include Mychew, Mango TwoTwo, Mint Candy and others. Through its subsidiaries, it also engages in the production of ice cream products, dumplings, breads, cakes, cookies and other frozen products, as well as engages in the franchise business and real estate leasing business. On December 27, 2012, the Company merged with its wholly owned subsidiary, crown bakery co., ltd., which is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of cookies.

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