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That 1 Painter Colorado Springs

That 1 Painter Colorado Springs is your go-to painting contractor in Colorado Springs, CO, offering a range of professional services to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. From door and deck painting to interior and exterior painting, our skilled team provides superior craftsmanship tailored to meet your residential or…

Alley Cats Coffee Bar

Texarkana's Alley Cats Coffee bar is known for frappés, drip coffee, cold brew and cortado as well as for chai tea latte, yerba matte, herbal and regular tea. Don't forget our delicious snacks and treats, like mini waffles and avocado toast.

Arc Motif

Arc Motif is a beauty salon located in Wilston, QLD. We offer a wide range of beauty services, including eyebrows, laminations, lash lifts, cosmetic tattooing, nails, dermaplaning, facial treatments. We also have a retail store where you can purchase skincare products and accessories. We are a team of experienced and…

Hydrogen Water H2O

Hydrogen Water H2O offers hydrogen-infused canned water for a refreshing and potentially health-supportive beverage. The water undergoes a process to enrich it with molecular hydrogen, which some studies suggest may act as an antioxidant and combat cellular damage. This type of water is marketed towards those seeking a more complete…

GMS Media Group

GMS is a multi-award winning digital advertising agency, recently crowned 'Best Marketing Service' at the Australian Business Champion Awards. The agency was turned into a reality in 2016 by founder Blake Micola and co-founder Simon Train. Since then the team has helped over 1,200+ globally recognised brands grow their products…

Chapman Yachting Gold Coast

At Chapman Yachting Management, we specialise in comprehensive yacht management and maintenance on the Gold Coast. Our services include elite yacht detailing, top yacht engineering services, and expert yacht refit and maintenance. We offer yacht antifouling, scheduled cosmetic maintenance, major cosmetic overhauls, and preventative maintenance to keep your vessel in…

Wink Eyecare

Wink Eyecare is the local eye doctor to see for all of your eye care needs in Victoria, BC. As your local Victoria optometrist, Wink Eyecare can help diagnose, treat, and detect subtle changes in your eyes year over year. Come visit our offices at 3147 Douglas St Victoria, BC…

Eye Wisconsin

Eye Wisconsin is the local eye doctor to see for all of your Optometry needs in Eau Claire, WI. From contact lens examinations to contact lens fittings to general eye care, Eye Wisconsin will help diagnose, treat, and assess your overall health—and how it affects your eyes. Busy? We offer…

McEwans Cleaning

Choose McEwans for all your commercial cleaning needs. Our comprehensive training and induction systems, commitment to excellence, and use of cutting-edge technology make us the best choice for reliable, high-quality cleaning services. Get in touch with us today and learn more!
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Dongwha Holdings Co Ltd
150-14, Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu | Incheon | Incheon, 404250

더보 Dongwha Holdings Co Ltd

DONGWHA HOLDINGS CO.,LTD is a Korea-based holding company engaged in the management of its subsidiaries. Through its subsidiaries, the Company operates in three businesses: material business, which mainly engages in the manufacture of floor boards; housing business, which mainly engages in the provision of housing decoration services, and car life business, which engages in the sales of used cars, as well as leasing of non-residential buildings. As of December 31, 2011, the Company

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