Ktcs Corporation

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Gaming Centre

Businesses are made up of individuals working together to meet society's needs, as well as common goals. Some examples of businesses include Coca Cola and Walmart, as well as smaller private businesses such as an accounting firm or a local grocery store.

Premium Botanicals LLC

At Premium Botanicals, Inc., we believe in the incredible potential of nature to elevate our lives. That's why we proudly introduce Herbal Spectrum, your gateway to premium CBD products meticulously crafted from the finest botanical sources. Our mission is simple yet profound: to help you discover a holistic approach to…

Swimming Pools of Tupelo & More Superstore

Swimming Pools of Tupelo & More Superstore has been in business since 1978. We are dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the best service, selection of products and prices, and a large inventory to take care of your needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know each customer and…

Yoga In Common

Yoga In Common, located at 3062 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC, offers a serene and welcoming space for yoga enthusiasts of all levels. As a certified yoga studio, they provide a variety of classes, workshops, and personalized training to help individuals achieve physical well-being and inner peace. Whether you are…


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Dr. Nathan High

I love working with kids and families and am certified in Webster technique, a protocol for moms to decrease pain during pregnancy and birth. My goal is not just to help people feel better, but to enjoy healthy lives in their fullest expression.

Hershey Frame Shop / Caleb Rulli Gallery

In Business for over 26 years. We create art around art. Art collector, custom wood working, gilding, opaque and stained finishes, Museum quality framing, and conservation work. Open Saturday by appointment!"
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Ktcs Corporation
6f, Kt Human Resource Development Center 367-17 | Goejeong-dong | Seo-gu | Daejeon, 302716

더보 Ktcs Corporation

Ktcs Corporation is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the customer service and 114 phone-number guidance businesses. The Company operates business in three divisions: 114 phone-number guidance, call center and distribution. Its call center business provides service order, claim, service open, customer retention, technical consulting, online open and before and after services for Olleh KT. Its distribution business provides Internet, telephone, cell phone and other wired and wireless telecommunication products to subscribers, under the consignment contract with KT. It also engages in the leasing of real estate and other business.
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