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SEO Expert Dubai - Felix Hesse Media
1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd | Dubai

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In recent years, SEO services have become increasingly popular for building the reputation of a business. Whether you own a small company or a multi-national enterprise, your success depends on Search Engine Optimization. If you are interested in getting solid visibility for your business over the internet and looking for a great SEO expert in Dubai, you have come to the right place. We are SEO specialists based in Dubai and offer a comprehensive range of services for different types of businesses at affordable rates.

Our main goal is not just to improve your rankings but also help you achieve your online presence targets. Our organic SEO packages are designed to provide strategies to get you higher rankings on the most popular search engines. Our carefully crafted SEO Plans for businesses in Dubai help you attain online marketing objectives with ease.

We are a leading SEO expert in Dubai dedicated to helping your potential customers find your business online by increasing your visibility on different search engines. Our packages are designed to effectively boost your rankings, drive increased traffic and create leads for your business to help you become more successful.

Some of our most exciting features include :

Customizable dashboard that helps you track your campaign success. It includes the facility to create custom dashboard to view rankings for keywords, monitor website traffic, get reports on SERPs and more information.

Fully-featured site audit prior to SEO campaign, keyword research, mapping and grouping.

Extensive white-label reporting – Content optimization, On-Page Structure, Meta Data and Monthly Summary.

Extensive white-label reporting – Content optimization, On-Page Structure, Meta Data and Monthly Summary.

Content creation and posting on client blogs

Use of breadcrumbs for recommendations of snippets

On-page optimization including head optimization, meta data optimization, URL rewrites and more

Rank building with magazine news, blog outreach, press releases and more

Organic SEO in the Path to Business Progress

Our Dubai SEO expert services help businesses by increasing traffic and leads through steps like :


A well-designed SEO strategy based on proven methodology guarantees a search engine position where your customers can find you easily. Higher the visibility, better are the chances of your business awareness among the audience.


When the product pages are created around researched keywords, more consideration comes for the service offered. As visitors come across something that is relevant to their search, chances of indulging increase to a great extent.


Organic SEO leads are likely to convert higher than other leads. The reason is that the users coming to you through organic SEO already looked for the product or service you offer and hence there are better chances they indulge into a purchase.

SEO Benefits to Businesses

Increased Traffic

Our proven SEO methodology makes sure you see a continuous increase in website traffic with time. More and more users coming to your website means more target audience for your service.

Increased Brand Reputation

Online users have started trusting Google. When your business site ranks higher on search results, users automatically trust your brand to some extent.

Better ROI

The conversion rates delivered by SEO are unmatched. No other form of online marketing can deliver lead conversion as coming from organic SEO. These leads have actually searched for your service before landing on your page.


Though the results of SEO are not instantaneous, they have longevity. Once established, your site rankings will remain in place for a long time if regularly worked on. SEO is a far more long-term strategy when compared to ads.

Edge Over Competition

With organic SEO getting increasingly popular, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits. This means your competitors have already started investing in organic SEO and if they haven’t, they would surely do in the near future.

Our Proven Methodology

As one of the top SEO companies in Dubai, we can help businesses establish a strong online presence to drive more organic traffic. Our proven methodology gives you increased engaged traffic. This means you don’t just get more visitors but our SEO specialist gets you visitors that are really interested in what you offer.

On-Page SEO

Improved traffic with identification of technical elements

Creation of attractive content within the brand context

Matching search keywords to pages

Off-Page SEO

Getting relevant information about your digital presence and creating an effective campaign

Creating a balanced, natural off-page profile by balancing anchor texts

Acquiring inbound links to the business website

Campaign Roadmap

Crafting a strategy to be able to beat the competition

Requesting contributors to drive project success

Real-time reports on status and results of campaign

Site Assessment

Selecting keywords for relevant site traffic

Identifying potential challenges in marketing

Understanding the market, business and competition

Reporting and Analytics

Integration of dashboard with data aggregators

Real-time reporting tools

Real-time data on traffic, progress and keyword rankings

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Competition is steep in the real estate world and we all know how much an online presence can make difference in getting customers. Previously, we worked with a digital marketing agency but they were not successful at delivering the results we needed. Switching to the new SEO agency was one of the best decisions we ever made. They provided us a new website design and an effective SEO strategy which helped us generated more leads. Our bottom line has gone up by 70 percent and our business is growing more and more.” – Dave

“For those who run a restaurant, things get really engaged – particularly on weekends. We could hardly focus on checking whether our customers could easily find us on the internet. When we worked with our SEO expert, we got some help optimizing our business website and our phone started ringing with reservation calls. They have definitely helped us increase our restaurant business. – Simon

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SEO Expert Dubai - Felix Hesse Media
SEO Expert Dubai - Felix Hesse Media
SEO Expert Dubai - Felix Hesse Media
SEO Expert Dubai - Felix Hesse Media


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