Vietnam Manpower JSC

Vietnam Manpower JSC
3rd Floor, My Dinh Plaza, No. 138 Tran Binh Str, M | Dubai

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We Vietnam Manpower JSC - Hanoi, Vietnam - the reputed manpower supply agency from Vietnam performing Manpower export Activities. Up to now, we have been sending thousand good skilled / unskilled Workers to many countries, such as: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Middle East also.
We can supply Vietnamese Manpower to you now who meets your requirement.
I am looking forward to receiving your reply in soonest time.
Ms. Lana
General Director
Tel: +84.4 73033699/ +84.4 73001333
Fax: +84.4 73030333
Mobile: +84-94 95 94 116
Skype: vnhumanresources
Yahoo: lananh_1909_nd

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    • +84.4 73001333 (alt)

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Vietnam Manpower JSC

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vietnam manpower provides labors to different markets with different categories of manpower: construction field, service industry (hotel, restaurant, airport...) and agriculture. among the various categories provided by us are: general workers, skilled/semi-skilled workers, foreman, supervisors, engineers, labors in service industry. vietnam manpower has thousands of labors in middle east (qatar, uae, saudi arabia...).and malaysia, japan, korea, russia, libya, algeria together with that, vietnam manpower has our welder, fabrication training center in vietnam to supply experienced welders, fabricators, pipe fitters...for mechanical, metallurgic industry, shipyards and petrochemical projects. vietnam manpower attach special importance to the quality of our manpower especially in language study, skill training and discipline. if you have any demand for vietnamese manpower, kindly contact us best regards,
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    Vietnam Manpower JSC
    3rd Floor, My Dinh Plaza, No. 138 Tran Binh Str, M | Dubai
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