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SIU Medicine Outpatient Clinics

SIU Medicine Outpatient Clinics at Moy include the following clinics and centers: Dermatology Endocrinology General Internal Medicine (an FQHC) Fertility and IVF Center Pelvic Wellness Center Infectious Disease Med Psych Neurology SIU Neuroscience Institute Pulmonary Medicine Smith Alzheimer's Center at SIU Medicine


DKP Esthetics, the home of the first hydrafacial in Oxford NC, is renowned for offering the finest hydrafacial experiences. Owned by Licensed Esthetician and Master Hydrafacialist Donna Kay, it stands as a beacon of skincare excellence. Donna Kay's dedication to providing the best skin care solutions is unmatched. Each hydrafacial…

Roberta Irene Helen Matern, MD

My approach to care is focusing looking at the person in front of me as a whole, in the context of their family, culture and community. Continuity of care is very important to me as it is important to get to know my patients over time. I love to care…
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Al Syed Legal Translation in Dubai
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Translation in Dubai (hereinafter referred to as “AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION”/ “ASLT”) is a company of legal translation services in Dubai. “ASLT” is largely known and has proven to be the #1 legal translation services company in Dubai in record time as a result of its continuous and consistent performance in 100% accurate and perfect translation. ASLT greatly contributes to its enablement of producing sworn translation duly accredited by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and ISO Certified 9001:2015, thenceforth providing Ministry of Justice approved accredited translation services from English to Arabic and different other language pairs.

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