G/f Rosalie Building, Highway Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines get directions

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The Bureau of Internal Revenue collects revenue taxes for the Philippine government.

Address and Phone of Bureau Of Internal Revenue - Talisay City, Cebu Talisay City, Cebu
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An iGlobal user 17/Sep/2014

poor service. the staffs are not friendly and approachable. especially that staff i talked with, i was trying to explain to him, that i needed to get TIN as one of the requirements in opening an account in a certain bank. i showed him the letter from the bank as a referral (the bank teller gave me that letter) and what he did? he did not even try to explain to me why they couldn't give TIN just because the address of the bank is in the city. what? that i should get a TIN in BIR CEBU CITY.he did not even read the whole letter.he was not being nice and what he was doing, holding his phone, texting. is that even nice? a government staff, working in a government ageny - at working time - JUST TEXTING??? aha! USO NA DIAY NA RUN? no wonder, walai asinso ang nasod kai maski ang mga staff, di kasaligan. not going to mention his counter number, but he's not even deserving to be on that position. in fact, HE WAS TOO BUSY TEXTING that he told me go to another counter and asked to that staff in that counter. WHAT THE HELL? it's his job to explain everything to me and not just send me to another counter. ngano? di siya kabiya sa iyang phone?sus. it could have been better if the guard was one of the staffs. mas naa pay naitabang ang guard kaysa mga staff. puyu mu oi! and oh.. did i mention, his phone was color blue!? just so you would have a clue who he is.. hahaha..

Artz 20/Jun/2013

Gud Day,

Please send the Implementing Guideline on the BIR re: new Receipts or a link for us to view or print a copy...


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