34 Albert Rd, Cape Town, Woodstock, South Africa (7925) get directions

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Address and Phone of Woodstock Gas Centre Woodstock
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Opinions of Woodstock Gas Centre

An iGlobal user 12/Jun/2014

"What do you dislike about this company?" - everything.
1. The fact that there is no service, not only lack of service.
2. The fact that they can't take down a SIMPLE order
3. The fact that they forget to mention deposit prices even after repeating order 3x + times
4. The fact that the person you speak to everytime, Florence, does not even apologise or try to improve the situation or service.

Hope this manager/owner realizes what's happening to his company, I will definitely not refer anyone and advise people to NOT go there.

Glenn 09/May/2014

Terrible service. When our gas tank needed switching on Monday, Woodstock Gas promised replacement on Tuesday. We came home early from work, and they didn't arrive or call. We could not cook food. We rearranged, and on Friday they promised to deliver, and again we had no service. Came home from work early to receive gas tanks, and again, after promises to deliver, they did not show up. No phone calls, no apologies. Please buy your tanks from the Shell Gas Station in the city bowl instead.

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