Latest comments on EAST AFRICAN DATA HANDLERS (K) Ltd

Latest comments on EAST AFRICAN DATA HANDLERS (K) Ltd
3rd Flr, Chiromo Court,Chiromo Road | Westlands, PO. Box

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    Fraud company! Never trust on them if you want to take their you'll gonna stuck, they don't have any forensics tools, they are only dependent on OpenSource tools. even big forensics tools provider company have blacklisted them. i was offered from this company for employment as forensic engineer, some of my friend already victimised of this shit company, you'll not find any forensic guy. East African Data Handlers are fraud, East African Data Handlers running a big scam they give the commitment after that they deny. and don't even bother about the first person loss. most cheap and fraud people : Tabby Masau (HR) , George Njoroge (MD)s
    sadasd - 11/Jun/2017


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